Our Team

Our board currently consists of volunteers and prison ministry. If you’re interested in joining our team contact Dr. Davis at tdavis@saveonelifefoundation.org.

Officers of the board

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Dr. Tasha G. Davis
CEO/ President

Dr. Tasha G. Davis is the founder of Save One Life Foundation.  Dr. Davis is a single-mother of four; three sons and a daughter. Dr. Davis was born and raised in Cabrini Green and on the Westside of Chicago.  “Though I did not come from a family that established a foundation in education, and career building, at three years old, I possessed an undying love for learning.”  Dr. Davis was a tutored/mentee of The Montgomery Ward Cabrini-Green Tutoring Program that started in the summer of 1965.  In 1970-1972 volunteers from Cabrini Green and Moody Bible Institute joined the program; “this is where my journey to education began.”  “Tutors from Moody Bible Institute were dedicated; they broke cultural/racial boundaries and helped nurture my undying love for learning.  Tutors of Moody Bible and The Montgomery Ward Cabrini-Green Tutoring Program had a mission like that of SOLF which helped create resourceful opportunities for the less fortunate.  When SOLF opens doors to new opportunities for underserved youth, we make a pathway that can help turn a dream into reality.  Tough I was born in poverty; my life was saved because I took advantage of the opportunities that were given to me through education.”

Dr. Davis holds a Doctorate degree in Leadership and Education, Masters degree in Business Administration-Finance, and a Bachelors degree in General Studies, with a minor in Sociology, Women’s Studies, and Non-Profit Organizations.  Dr. Davis served as the Associate Dean of Correctional programs inside of IYC St Charles from 2016-2018 where her calling was to help bridge the gap by offering ways for incarcerated youth to return home, and not recidivate back to prison.  Dr. Davis implemented traditional programs to help marginalized youth return to the community by providing self-sustaining resources (i.e. education, jobs, mentoring, traditional housing, and music enrichment).   


Michael Williams
Vice President

Originally from Englewood located on the Southside of Chicago, joined the military at the age of 17 as a way of escaping the life he once knew. Following his enlistment, he began working directly with troubled incarcerated youths for almost 24 years.   “My commitment to improving the lives of these young men has grown immensely over the years. Although the witnessing of complete positive change may be a rarity in today’s society, I have been fortunate enough to have seen it with my own eyes therefore I am a firm believer in the ideology of SAVE ONE LIFE.”


Roy Kaye

Roy’s educational accomplishments include a Master of Science in Healthcare and a Bachelor of Science in Business. 

He started his business career in Public Accounting with Arthur Anderson & Company and held management positions

in charge of fieldwork for fortune 500 companies in Healthcare, Banking and Finance.

He spent 25 years in the Investor Owned Hospital field including 3 years as the CFO and 9 years as CEO of Chicago Lakeshore Hospital.

The past 20 years as an Associate Professor of Northwestern’s School of Commerce & Technology taught courses to students with business aspirations.


Charlotte Stoxstell
Executive secretary

Mrs. Stoxstell worked as a temporary teacher at IYC-St. Charles for 60 days and created a daily instructional plan for these vulnerable young men, and they rose to the challenges. As she attended their discharge staffing; aftercare resources were needed to continue to support the students to make decisions that would allow them to become productive citizens and prevent recidivism.  “I am honored to join SOLF Board of Directors.”  Mrs. Stoxstell has an extensive educational background and lifelong learning that will help render aftercare support.  Her educational background consists of a Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Supervision, a Master of Arts in Reading, and a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education & Learning Disabilities-with a Minor in Elementary Education.  Mrs. Stoxstell has a multi-level of experiences at the Chicago Board of Education in Chicago, Illinois from September 1976 to October 2006.


Antonio Epting
Sargent At Arms

Antonio chose to serve on the board of SOLF as a way to give to those who need a life line. 

He believes a second chance for underserved youth could be the spark needed to create a lifetime of change for generations.

“As a member of SOLF, I can connect with those who may one day break the cycle of hopelessness that leads to so many lives being saved.

Hopefully, my example is one that Saves A Life.

Board Members


George Salter
chair of music & performing arts

George “Modavador g” Salter: Board Member & Chair of Music and Performing Arts Academy.  George Hubert Salter, Jr. was born and raised in the Buffalo, New York. Known in ministry as “Modavador g”, he is an ordained minister, author, conference speaker, Bible storyteller instructor, and gospel hip-hop recording artist. George's passion for the youth of IYC-St. Charles stems from his childhood experiences. At the age of 11 years old, curiosity for the street and gang life of Buffalo, NY forced his mother to send him away to rural North Carolina with his grandparents, in fear of his destructive path.  Fast-forward fifty years later, George is married, a husband, a father, and man after God’s own heart."  Modavador g" serves on the board of Save One Life Foundation, and his greatest joy is sharing God’s love with the boys at IYC –St. Charles so that they might


bill nuccio
finance committee

President and founder of Nuccio Auto Group.  Bill has been a mentor to the young men at IYC for over 3 years. “It did not take me long to understand that boys at IYC had the same hearts as my children and grandchildren. The only difference was that were lacking opportunity of education and guidance. I am proud to be a board member of Save One Life Foundation.


John shogren
Chair of Workforce Development

Works with big and small companies that are looking for young men to employ and give another chance in life to be successful. SOLF presently have relationships with UPS and Nations Roof that are willing to employ our youth and give them another opportunity to succeed in life. Please contact me at 630-886-3275 if you want to be a become a future employer of these young men.


arthur j. Booze
aftercare mentor

Art serves as a current Mentor inside of IYC St, Charles. Arts knowledge, training, experience, and background covers 41years. The last 28 years was in the Financial Services Industry. “I will instruct those young men in financial literacy. During the past eight years as a member of St. Charles Mentors, I provided on a group basis classroom training to positively impact goal setting, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking. This year I joined Save One Life Foundation to work on The After-Care Mentoring Program. This thrust fits my goal on enhancing the skill set of these young men to become good citizens whereby they vote and pay taxes.  My philosophy is Do the usual unusually well.”