Our impact

SAVE ONE LIFE FOUNDATION serves as relief to poor, distressed, and underprivileged youth who see higher education, vocational trades, workforce training, community networks, traditional living, music, and performing arts as required pathways to reenter society.

  • The Prison to College and Vocational Trades Pipeline

  • Workforce Pipeline

  • Community Pipeline

  • Traditional Residential Housing Pipeline

  • Serve as a relief to the poor, through the advancement of charity, human rights, civil rights, job training, social skills, and education.

  • SAVE ONE LIFE FOUNDATIONS Pathways help lessen neighborhood tensions, eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and defend the human and civil rights secured by law for ex incarcerated or poverty stricken youth. 

  • SAVE ONE LIFE FOUNDATION serves as a form of social justice. 

  • Due to the arts education being cut out of public school budgets across the nation, Pecks Music and Performing Arts Studios brings exposure to opportunities for creative expression, especially in low-income neighborhoods where the chances for extracurricular activities are few. 

  • SAVE ONE LIFE FOUNDATION is an organization whose activities consist of the implementation of mentoring models, workforce training, and traditional life skills training; we also provide music enrichment to underprivileged youth.

  • Said education will help equalize the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges for minority and poverty-stricken communities.  This Pathway to Prevention will prepare and positively influence under-served, under-educated, under-resourced youth who have been impacted by mass incarceration and poverty, while combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.